Our Funeral Pre-Arrangement Funding Products are primarily offered through agents affiliated with funeral homes in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky and Florida. Our Traditional life insurance and annuity products are offered in 35 states and the District of Columbia through independent agents and our "in house" LCBA Agency. The LCBA Agency was established to enable us to serve our members with not only LCBA products, but virtually all of the products available in the market today. Our goal at the LCBA Agency is to provide you with the "Best, Right Solution to your needs".

LCBA recognizes the fact that often it is necessary or desirable to pre-arrange a funeral and that often the need to fund those arrangements is driven by the need to help qualify for Medicaid benefits. Our pre-arrangement funding products can be irrevocably assigned to meet Medicaid guidelines so your funds are protected from Medicaid "Spend-down". We also see many situations where individuals choose to make and fund their funeral pre-arrangements as a "last gift" to the family, to avoid arguments between surviving family members, or to make sure their funeral is done "their way".


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