COVID-19 Updates

We want you to know LCBA is doing everything in her power to keep business operating as normal as possible as we navigate through these unprecedented times. We felt it necessary to let you know LCBA has implemented preventative measures to make sure our employees, staff and contracted workers have the utilities they need to do their job to the best of their ability without having to compromise their safety. Luckily due to our size, we can create a customized approach that will mostly be made up of social-distancing and working remotely. These measures will ultimately ensure that you, our most valued member, will not see major disruption with regards to any action you may have to take involving a newly submitted application, making payments or waiting for a withdrawal or claim check. After all, what good is an insurance company if they can’t get the job done at a time when you need them the most?

Effective March 19th, 2020, per PA Governor Tom Wolf's order requiring all businesses that aren’t ‘life-sustaining’ to close, LCBA will be closing our physical location until further notice. We will be available via phone and email during our regular business hours. We are doing our best, but please understand due to unforeseen disruptions from this pandemic you may experience slight delays in service. We will continue to provide updates as we have them.

LCBA Updates


Dear Members,

I hope that you all continue to remain safe and secure as we progress through this seemingly unprecedented time.

I say seemingly because, for the world, the country, and our LCBA community, the changes we see today are not all that different than things we have seen in the not too distant past.

During the history of LCBA, we have lived through the 1918 flu pandemic, arguably much worse than COVID, with about 1/3 of the world’s population contracting the disease and an estimated 50 million people dying from it*. We have also lived through periods of social unrest, even taking a lead role in the fight for women’s rights. LCBA has seen unparalleled changes before, and from that, we have educated ourselves and grown. But we also know that we will see unprecedented situations again and that we can and will continue to learn from these events and each other to form a better world for us all. That is the goal. All we need is to work together. It is a simple solution but requires hard work to make our goal successful.

LCBA has always been about working together. We were created by a group of women working together to provide financial protection to women, something not available to them in 1890. Today, our branches still work to provide aid for those that otherwise would go without. We have been working tirelessly to fulfill community needs by making masks, checking on each other, providing food, financial support, and additional support to community organizations. Finding a need and helping fill it is just what we do.

Internally, LCBA is open for business. We're paying claims, issuing new business, and awarding scholarships, in addition to all the other things that have made and kept LCBA strong for more than a century. While most of our staff are working from home, you should not notice any degradation in service (other than perhaps the occasional sound of a child, dog, or other family members in the background)! Our office remains closed to walk-in business, but you can make an appointment should the need arise.

On the financial side, as mentioned in the last issue of Direction, we have taken steps to improve our strength and stability by reinsuring a portion of our business. This action has helped to increase the book yield of our portfolio, increase our surplus, improve our RBC, and help shield us against what may be a long period of very low interest rates. We are well-positioned to last for another 130 years regardless of the struggles we may face.

While we may constantly hear about a new reality, remember that we are talking about merely learning to adapt and cope with change. Some changes we fight against, some we fight for, and still others we must merely accept. The COVID reality is a change we have to accept, fight and endure. The social changes, which perhaps will finally bring about equality regardless of race or gender, are changes we should all fight for.

Stay smart, stay safe, stay well.

Douglas Tuttle
President & CEO



Helpful Resources

    Social Distancing Volunteer Tips
  • LCBA Branch 867 (Dover, OH) is making lapgans for local Veterans.
  • See if anyone needs homemade cloth masks. CLICK FOR INSTRUCTIONS
  • Send letters and cards to those in Military service.
  • Call or check in on family and friends.
  • Contact your local hospital to see if they need anything, or how you can send cards to staff and patients.
  • Support your local food bank with donations.
  • Contact your local homeless shelters and homeless service organizations to find out what they need most now.

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