Prescription Discount Card

Get your free discount card and save up to 85% on your prescriptions.

Healthcare is a major concern for all Americans. From employers and nonprofit organizations to consumers, everyone acknowledges the problems created when spiraling costs force people to choose between taking care of their health or paying bills. We recognize the need for affordable solutions to the healthcare dilemma; our solution is our FREE Prescription Discount Card.

Prescription Discount Card

By providing affordable prescription healthcare we believe the financial savings that our cardholders achieve will have a huge impact on their lives. It provides them with access to practical, affordable healthcare solutions. Best of all, it is FREE to all members – all you need is our Prescription Discount card. We want to extend those savings to as many members as possible.

On behalf of consumers nationwide, a discounted rate has been negotiated with a national network of drugstores and retail outlets. More than 35,000 stores have partnered with this program to offer prescription assistance to the uninsured and under-insured.

This is not insurance. This card is free

How It Works

Our network spans the entire US and territories so you can get your prescriptions anywhere on the go. Just follow these three easy steps:
Search for medications at pharmacies near you.

Use the "Click to Search for Discounts" button above.

Use discount card to save up to 85% off at checkout.

Download the card HERE or we can send you a physical copy.

Show pharmacist your card at purchase.

Receive your discounts.


  • Available to any LCBA member* and their family.

* Benefit Member or Non-Benefit Member

Life Insurance with a Conscience since 1890®.

That simple belief is what differentiates Loyal Christian Benefit Association (LCBA) from competitors. Yes, we sell insurance: Funeral Pre-Arrangement Funding Products, Traditional Life Insurance Plans, and Tax Deferred Annuities. But what makes LCBA different is we operate under the "common bond" of Christianity and return earnings from the sale of financial service products to our member customers and their communities in the form of member benefits, discount programs and scholarship opportunities.

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Founded in 1890 LCBA is a unique type of organization that provides the financial protection our members need, with the added benefit of helping those in need. We put our earnings back into communities and causes, not pockets.


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