Congratulations to our Winners

Platinum Winners ($2,500 = 5,000 points)

Branch 654 (Salem, OH) - President Frances Ziegler
Branch 1155 (Findlay, OH) – President Anne Sweigart
Branch 1557 (Ephrata, PA) – President Susan Suit
Branch 1425 (Ford City, PA) - President Deb Ceraso

Gold Winners ($1,500 = 3,500 points)

Branch 49 (Erie, PA) – President Diane Giannelli
Branch 867 (Dover, OH) – President Charlene Herzig

Silver Winners ($500 = 2,500 points)

Branch 1538 (Linesville, PA) - President Michael Humanic

Bronze Winners ($250 = 1,000 points)

Branch 792 (Chicago, IL) – President Miriam Krause
Branch 892 (New Philadelphia, OH) – President Judith Campo
Branch 1290 (Altoona, PA) – President Sarah Jubeck
Branch V001 (Buffalo, NY) – President Marion Liebler


The BROOM Award will reward our Branches with points for submitting anything from monthly meeting minutes to a nominee for the Fraternalist of the Year. Please be reminded that to be eligible a Branch must hold a minimum of one meeting per each quarter, hold elections one time per year and submit an annual report to LCBA every year.

4 Reasons to use the BROOM Award Point System:

  • 1) When you provide us with information on your upcoming events, we can help you publicize them through Facebook and on our public website.
  • 2) We want to be able to offer you additional ways to earn money for use in support of your local community.
  • 3) We need the information we’re asking for to document your activities and enable us to justify our non-profit status.
  • 4) We send the information obtained in our reports to the American Fraternal Alliance, our trade association.