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Our Fraternalist of the Year Award is based on recognizing an LCBA member who, through example and accomplishment, provided outstanding volunteer service to his or her branch and local community.

Stacy Klukan

Fraternalist of the Year



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Award Summary

Our Fraternalist of the Year Award recognizes an LCBA member who, through example and accomplishment, provided outstanding volunteer service to his or her branch and local community in the past calendar year. The winner is chosen anonymously by an impartial panel of judges based solely on the nominees’ listed accomplishments in three areas: Society Leadership, Service To Others, and Innovative Leadership.

After being named our Fraternalist of the Year, the honoree may also be nominated by LCBA for the American Fraternal Alliance (AFA) Fraternalist of the Year award for possible national recognition. If the LCBA honoree is not eligible for the AFA award or does not want further recognition, runners-up will be considered.

In addition to recognition LCBA presents a check for $500, in the name of the Fraternalist of the Year, to the charity of the honoree’s choice. The first and second runners-up receive a $100 check for their charity of choice.

Stacy Klukan, member of Branch 1425, Ford City, PA, has been named LCBA’s 2020 Fraternalist of the Year!

With so many LCBA members doing great things we received a lot of deserving nominees, but after careful consideration by our judges, LCBA is proud to announce Stacy Klukan of Branch 1425 in Ford City, PA as our winner! We would like to congratulate her on this award and recognize her amazing contributions to her community. Continue reading to learn more about Stacy through the words of her nominator

Society Leadership

Stacy is on the Funeral Bereavement Committee at Christ Prince of Peace Parish. This is a very involved service, as one might imagine, and she does an amazing job.

She is also the chairwoman of the Ford City Borough Shade Tree Commission. Stacy has been involved with this commission for over 20 years. They volunteer hundreds of hours every year to sustain both the Ford City Park and the Ford City Trail. Through their efforts, this group has been able to continually improve the beauty and safety of the park and trail by cutting down dangerous trees and planting new ones to preserve areas where people can safely walk, enjoy nature, and breathe clean air. She has coordinated their efforts with the local high school LEO club and National Honor Society students to perform an annual park and trail clean up, not only hosting Earth Day activities, but also assisting the local Lions Club with their annual Easter egg hunt held in the park. Thanks to her efforts, Stacy was a grant recipient in 2020 for Bare Root Trees from the Tree Vitalization of Pittsburgh.

Stacy has contributed many ideas for LCBA fundraising ventures as well as having researched educational field trips and federal speakers for our branch. This year she volunteers to initiate a Valentine’s Day card sending activity to all parish shut-ins and, with one other LCBA member, purchased the cards and stamps with her own money and sent out cards to over 80 shut-ins. Her willingness to help others in her parish and community are evident in almost everything she undertakes.

Service to Others

Stacy volunteers her time in a variety of areas. Recently retired from the Armstrong School District where she served as a Health, Physical Education, and Drivers Education teacher and a varsity tennis and junior high volley ball coach, she now utilizes her talents in the community.

Stacy is a talented florist, creating many floral arrangements for our parish as well as for many young girls attending prom and other special events. She has led the Arts and Environment group in decorating at multiple churches, and she created a Blessed Mother Garden for Christ Prince of Peace Parish a few times. Having completed the Penn State Master Gardener program for Armstrong County, Stacy has volunteered hundreds of hours teaching about garden care and management as well as facilitating the Master Gardener class last year for Penn State at Armstrong County. Besides currently chairing the Ford City Shade Tree Commission, she has been on the Parks and Recreation board in Ford City for over 20 years where she has coordinated many safety programs. This board also provides summer food park programs feeding local children ages 2-18 and presents safety programs sponsored by the Armstrong, Indiana, and Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission for our youth. Stacy has coordinated and worked with the Parks and Recreation group in getting the FIT TRAILS stations established in our town, coordinated the 13th Street project grant for improving the trail, and organized volunteers to place the pavilion and bike repair stations as well.

Also a talented vocalist, Stacy has been singing in Catholic churches since the age of 12, both as a cantor and choir member, and has sung for many church weddings and funerals. She has been involved in the Ford City Heritage Days choir and has sung at many Heritage Days events.

Stacy has served on fundraising committees for Heritage Days and set a wonderful example to her children by serving on the Divine Redeemer School Board of Directors. This is worth mentioning because her son now sits on that same Board in addition to being the President of the Ford City Borough Council. She has served on the YMCA Board of Directors for 5 years, as well as teaching aerobics, aerobic dance, weight training, and swimming.

Stacy has quite an impressive roster of achievements!

Innovative Leadership

lmost everything listed in the previous section speaks to Stacy's innovation as a leader in seeing a need and creating a program to address the issues in her community. Doing the legwork to apply for grants to enhance the trees project, or the variety of park projects and programs is no easy task. Her dedication to her community and her church is evident in the fact that she has been active on many of these boards and committees for over 20 years! Maintaining our park, trails, and playgrounds is a never-ending job and involves countless volunteer hours and a lot of manpower. Stacy is obviously up to all of these challenges by serving in such a variety of capacities over these many years. From creating a Valentine card for shut-ins event for LCBA to coordinating with multiple local and school organizations to partner in completing a project for the betterment or our community, Stacy has been (and continues to be) in the forefront of making the world a better place. She even established a choir at Holy Trinity Church (before the parishes partnered) and took over the directorship to keep the choir going. When she sees a need she addresses it. And thanks to her children are being fed, the bereaved are being consoled, community members are safe in our parks and on our trails and our town is made more beautiful. Stacy utilizes her talents in the best way possible-by helping others. We are blessed to have her in our community!

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