Insurance Strategist


LCBA's first and most meaningful benefit is life insurance. To make it easier for our members and their families to continue meeting their needs in every season of life, we've structured the LCBA Agency differently than any other insurance provider we know. We employ an in-house team of experienced, professional Life Insurance Strategists. They receive salaries and benefits, and are licensed to provide you with a broad range of options including LCBA's own products as well as nationally recognized life insurance and annuity brands like MetLife and Prudential. Unlike their for-profit competitors, our Life Insurance Strategists are not solely commission driven. That means you can trust that they are here to do "the best right thing" for you and your family!


Insurance Strategist

The LCBA Agency can provide solutions to help you and your family with changes you face as you move along the seasons of life:

  • Income & mortgage protection
  • Marriage
  • Birth
  • Final expenses
  • Business succession planning


This package is available to any LCBA member (Benefit Member or Non-Benefit Member) and their family.

Not an LCBA Member but interested in becoming one? You are able to join LCBA by purchasing a life insurance, annuity, or Medicare Supplement product through our LCBA Agency or through a funeral home offering our pre-arrangement funding products you become a member, joining more than 33,000 members across 35 states and the District of Columbia. You can also become an “associate” member of a local LCBA Branch to join them in their community support activities.

Interested? Call our Outreach Support Hotline at 800-234-5222 and ask about becoming an LCBA member.


Call the LCBA Agency at 1-800-234-5222 for further information.

Life Insurance with a Conscience since 1890®.

That simple belief is what differentiates Loyal Christian Benefit Association (LCBA) from competitors. Yes, we sell insurance: Funeral Pre-Arrangement Funding Products, Traditional Life Insurance Plans, Tax Deferred Annuities and Medicare Supplement Products. But what makes LCBA different is we operate under the "common bond" of Christianity and return earnings from the sale of financial service products to our member customers and their communities in the form of member benefits, discount programs and scholarship opportunities.