Education is important for our children in today’s world. With the help of LCBA’s Orphan Scholarship your child will receive a maximum benefit of $1,800 per year for each child ($7,200 for a four-year program or $3,600 for a two-year program).

He or she must be accepted at or attending a four-year or two-year accredited college, university, technical or vocational program, which must lead to a bachelor or associate degree.

Scholarship benefit will cease if:

  • Child does not maintain scholastic achievement and personal standards set by the educational institution.
  • Child receives a full scholarship or Military Academy scholarship.
  • The eligibility of any applicant and/or the amount of any benefit shall be determined by the LCBA Board of Directors.
  • No benefit will be granted until after receipt of an application is completed and signed by the duly appointed guardian of the child (children). The application shall be in such form as the Board of Directors may prescribe from time to time and must be submitted within six months of the parental death.
  • No representation or undertaking given by any officer, employee or representative of the Association to the granting or the amount of the benefit shall in any manner be binding on the Association.
  • The Board of Directors shall have full authority to determine the manner in which all administrative acts required by these rules are to be carried out.
  • The Association reserves the right to change and/or modify from time to time any provision pertaining to such benefit. While the Association does not anticipate such change or modification, the benefit cannot be guaranteed.

A child is eligible for the Orphan Benefit:

  • If both parents are deceased and one of those parents or at least one of their children was insured2.
  • If a single insured parent dies and had sole legal custody of the child. The other parent must be deceased or not legally responsible to provide financial support. If a single parent remarries, he or she will be considered a "single" parent unless the new spouse adopts the child. Children of the new union would be subject to the two parent family eligibility requirements.