LCBA’s Orphan Benefit includes a monthly income program to help take care of your child as he or she grows:

  • A monthly income up to $250 will be paid to a qualified guardian for each eligible child for care, maintenance and education.*
  • The total maximum income for one family is $50,000 (this includes orphan scholarships outlined below). If the maximum would be exceeded before the youngest attains age 19, the monthly benefit may be adjusted accordingly by the Association.
  • One allowance is paid for each child, regardless of the number of certificates on the lives of the parents or child.
  • Income continues until age 18 and may be extended to age 21 if the child is permanently disabled, physically or mentally.

*The monthly income program pays the premiums on an existing LCBA certificate until your orphaned child either: Reaches age 19; Marries; Enters military service; Is legally adopted; or Receives Orphan’s Scholarship.

Education is important for our children in today’s world. With the help of LCBA’s Orphan Scholarship your child will receive a maximum benefit of $1,800 per year for each child towards post-secondary education.  ($7,200 for a four-year program or $3,600 for a two-year program).

He or she must be accepted at or attending a four-year or two-year accredited college, university, technical or vocational program, which must lead to a bachelor or associate degree.

Scholarship benefit will cease if:

  • Child does not maintain scholastic achievement and personal standards set by the educational institution.
  • Child receives a full scholarship or Military Academy scholarship.

A child is eligible for the Orphan Benefit when at least one parent was or at least one of their children is an LCBA Benefit member with:

  • $10,000 or more of LCBA permanent life insurance or
  • an LCBA annuity with an account value of at least $5,000 or
  • an LCBA term policy with at least $100,000 at the time of death or
  • an LCBA Medicare Supplement certificate